Economics and Methods

In the course of our research, we sometimes develop new tools or economic approaches to studying certain topics. We try to make those advances and discussions available to everyone.

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Stress Cooperation, Not Competition, to Combat “Emporiophobia”

Economists “have committed a fundamental semantic error” by focusing on the term competition and ignoring the cooperative nature of markets, explained TPI senior fellow Paul Rubin in his Presidential Address to the Southern Economic Association this past weekend. By correctly emphasizing cooperation, economists could help combat the “emporiophobia,” or the fear of markets that is prevalent in the general public and current political discourse.

Press Releases

Event – The Innovation Consensus: Economic Growth in 2013 and Beyond

The Technology Policy Institute, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, and Silicon Flatirons are pleased to host “The Innovation Consensus: Economic Growth in 2013 and Beyond.” The half-day conference will explore issues surrounding America’s innovation potential and how it impacts our global competitiveness. Participants will discuss how to move innovation issues to the front and center of our political system with support from both sides of the aisle.

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