Videos Now Available – Artificial Intelligence: The Economic and Policy Implications

Videos Now Available – Artificial Intelligence: The Economic and Policy Implications

Videos from the September 12th event, “Artificial Intelligence: The Economic and Policy Implications” are now available on the TPI website.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming part of the economy in ways we could only imagine a decade ago. From self-driving cars to robots, the rapid growth of AI creates tremendous potential opportunities to increase productivity and economic growth. Panelists at the event discussed how computer scientists design and implement AI as well as how it is being incorporated into diverse fields and applications, including the current FCC spectrum auction, smart cities and the digital humanities. Participants also explored the moral and policy implications of incorporating AI into these activities and what the future could look like for artificial intelligence.

Videos available are:

Keynote: Machine Learning, Government, and Policy Analysis

  • Susan Athey, Economics and Technology Professor, Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Panel 1: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 101

  • Colin Allen, Provost Professor of Cognitive Science and History & Philosophy of Science & Medicine, Indiana University and Chair Professor of Philosophy, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China
  • Kris Hammond, Chief Scientist and co-founder, Narrative Science and Professor of Computer Science, Northwestern University
  • Jenn Wortman Vaughan, Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research, New York City
  • Scott Wallsten (moderator), Vice President for Research and Senior Fellow, Technology Policy Institute

Panel 2: Artificial Intelligence Policy Implications and Applications

  • James Hairston, Manager, Global Policy Development, Facebook
  • Tim Hwang, Public Policy and Government Relations Counsel, Google, Inc.
  • Kevin Leyton-Brown, Professor, Computer Science, University of British Columbia
  • Alex Tabarrok (moderator), Bartley J. Madden Chair in Economics and Professor of Economics, George Mason University

The videos from this and past events are also available on the TPI YouTube channel.


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