Meet the team behind TPI.

We are dedicated to quality work that educates legislators, industry leaders, and the nerdy portion of the public that loves tech policy. Get to know us, and then check out our work.


Scott J. Wallsten

President and Senior Fellow

Thomas M. Lenard

Senior Fellow and President Emeritus

Sarah Oh Lam

Senior Fellow

Bob Hahn

Distinguished Senior Fellow

Ioannis Kessides

Senior Fellow

Robert Crandall

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Arlene Holen

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Charles Hulten

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Caroline Cecot

University Fellow

Robert Metcalfe

University Fellow

Michael D. Smith

University Fellow

Judith Mariscal

Visiting Fellow

Jeffrey Prince

University Fellow


Jane Creel

Vice President for Finance and Operations

Ashley Benjamin

Operations Coordinator & Office Manager

Nathaniel Lovin

Lead Programmer and Senior Research Analyst

Fall Fellows

Eileen Chen

Google Fellow

Alice Khayami

Google Fellow

Ava Uditsky

Summer Intern

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