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In the course of our research, we sometimes develop new tools or economic approaches to studying certain topics. We try to make those advances and discussions available to everyone.

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Research Roundup #2

It’s time for another edition of the Research Roundup, with a fresh set of papers by authors outside of TPI. In recent weeks we’ve seen a wealth of articles relating to patent and copyright, so today’s group is a bit heavy on intellectual property. Additionally, a few interesting papers deal with online business models. Take a look.

(Click through to the full post to see the list of papers and abstract excerpts)

Press Releases

June 9th Event: The National Broadband Plan: Economics, Politics and Policy

The Technology Policy Institute and the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research are co-hosting “The National Broadband Plan: Economics, Politics and Policy,” a full-day conference scheduled for June 9th at Stanford University. Presentations and panel discussions will focus on such topics as broadband competition and demand, the effect of broadband deployment on economic development, spectrum allocation, and how recent events concerning the FCC’s jurisdiction over broadband could impact implementation of the National Broadband Plan.

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