TPI EVENT TOMORROW: Increasing Spectrum for Broadband: FCC, Congressional Representatives Discuss Options

TPI EVENT TOMORROW: Increasing Spectrum for Broadband: FCC, Congressional Representatives Discuss Options

Contact: Amy Smorodin
(202) 828-4405

February 22, 2010 – The expansion of wireless broadband is a bright spot in the U.S. economy, but a shortage of liberally licensed spectrum rights could put a crimp on this expansion. The freeing up of spectrum from other uses would allow greater expansion of wireless broadband and would bring substantial gains-likely in the hundreds of billions of dollars-for U.S. consumers, businesses, and the federal treasury. Developing a plan to increase the amount of spectrum for wireless broadband is a high priority of the FCC’s Omnibus Broadband Initiative, which is developing a national broadband plan. Failure to allocate sufficient spectrum will slow the rollout of broadband services, increase their prices, and cost consumers and taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. TPI, which recently released a paper on this subject, has assembled a panel of experts to discuss the options.

12 noon Registration and Buffet Lunch

12:20 PM Panel Discussion

Phil Bellaria, FCC, Omnibus Broadband Initiative
Kathleen Ham, T-Mobile
Matthew Hussey, Senator Snowe
Evan Kwerel, Federal Communications Commission
Kevin Werbach, Wharton School
Lawrence J. White, NYU Stern School of Business
Thomas M. Lenard, Technology Policy Institute (moderator)

Pre-Registration is now closed. Please join us at the event, we’ll be happy to register you onsite.

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