Privacy Policy in 8 Minutes

Privacy Policy in 8 Minutes

Living in a digital world means that simply by existing and interacting with digital devices, we generate a lot of data. Even though privacy and security of user data is generally of the upmost importance to reputable firms, breaches and hacks do happen, and not every firm is reputable.

What should the government’s role be in data privacy and security?  Does the FTC or other agency need to take a more active approach, or do there exist adequate incentives to ensure private firms sufficiently protect user data? Is some sort of baseline regulation necessary, or will a one-size-fits-all approach hinder consumer benefits? And what can you, the consumer, do to make sure corporations understand the value of your data to you?

To explore these issues, we made the handy primer below from this year’s Aspen Forum panel on The Future of Privacy in a World of Ubiquitous Data(The video also has a snippet from FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez’s keynote address). The full video clearly has many more profundities and insights, but we’re guessing if you didn’t have time to come see the talk in person, you might not have time to watch it now, thus necessitating our tl;dw (for all those not in the know, tl;dw stands for Too Long; Didn’t Watch).

Please enjoy, and make time to attend our 2017 Aspen Forum, so bits of wisdom like this can be imparted to you without time delay.

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