Administration’s Privacy Proposal is Next Step in Regulating Internet

Administration’s Privacy Proposal is Next Step in Regulating Internet

By Thomas Lenard

Published in The Hill on March 4, 2015

The Obama administration apparently wants its legacy to be that of regulating the Internet, notwithstanding the Internet’s remarkable success in the United States under what has been a generally light-handed regulatory regime.

Step 1 occurred last week when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in the name of net neutrality, adopted a far-reaching public utility regulatory regime for the broadband sector. Step 2, if the administration has its way, is to extensively regulate online data – the lifeblood of the information economy – through rules prescribed in the just-released “Administration Discussion Draft: Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2015.”

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/technology/234518-administrations-privacy-proposal-is-next-step-in-regulating

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