TPI Aspen Forum Goes Virtual: First Peek at the Agenda

TPI Aspen Forum Goes Virtual: First Peek at the Agenda

We are excited to announce the first look at the schedule for TPI’s Virtual Aspen Forum. This year, each day features panels, keynotes, and book talks related to a specific theme. You’ll be able to follow along and engage with the speakers in your particular areas of interest and in less familiar, but also interesting, topics. Be sure to register here to reserve your spot, and check your inbox for more emails from us as we fill out the agenda with speakers and panelists!

Monday: Privacy
Panel 1: How has the pandemic changed our views on privacy and what does that mean for existing and future regulation and legislation?
Panel 2: How is the world regulating privacy, and what does that mean for the US?
Cocktail Hour: TPI hosts Trivia Night!

Tuesday: Antitrust
Panel 1: Antitrust and the FTC in the next administration
Panel 2: Should we be more skeptical of vertical mergers?
Debate: Should we have a digital regulator?

Wednesday: The China Challenge
Panel 1: A digital cold war? China and the US post-covid
Book Talk: Tom Orlick, “China: The Bubble That Never Pops”

Thursday: Broadband and the Digital Divide
Panel 1: The Digital Divide: Global Lessons
Panel 2: Policy challenges from the head office
Panel 3: Broadband and the FCC: Successes and Challenges
Cocktail Hour: Pre-Presidential debate musings followed by debate watching party.

Friday: Media and Content
Panel 1: Streaming and bundling

To view the agenda and learn more about the Forum, visit our website.

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