The Pros and Cons of Network Management: Summary of the 2/29 Event Released

The Pros and Cons of Network Management: Summary of the 2/29 Event Released

Network Management: The Latest Battle Over Net Neutrality Event Summary Released

May 8, 2008 – The Technology Policy Institute released a summary of the event on “Network Management: The Latest Battle over Net Neutrality” that took place on February 29, 2008. The panelists discussed the controversy surrounding Comcast’s network management practices and evaluated the economic, legal, and engineering aspects of network management based on evidence from the United States and Japan. They also discussed the potential impacts of possible proposed regulations.

The panel discussion was moderated by TPI vice president for research and senior fellow Scott Wallsten. The main points raised by the participants, and elaborated on in the summary include:

  • Christopher Yoo, Professor of Law and Communications at the University of Pennsylvania, discussed reasons why network management may be necessary.
  • Haruka Saito, Counselor for Telecom Policy at the Embassy of Japan, presented information on the implications of high P2P traffic in Japan.
  • George Ou, Technical Director at ZDNet, clarified technical aspects of the network management debate.
  • David Burstein, Editor at DSLPrime, argued for greater network capacity to resolve the issue.
  • Marvin Ammori, General Counsel for Free Press, spoke about possible anticompetitive effects of network management.

The summary also reviews the question and answer session that followed the panelists’ presentations.

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