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The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is beginning an epic effort to implement the broadband provisions of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). Congress allocated $42.45 billion to…
Two Think Minimum · Blair Levin & Gregory Rosston on Broadband Subsidies Scott Wallsten: Hi, and welcome back to Two Think Minimum, the Technology Policy Institute’s podcast. Today is Wednesday, January…
For the large numbers of families now essentially confined to their homes, having a reliable broadband connection is more important than ever. A large income-based “digital divide” still exists, with…
Research Papers

The FCC has taken three different competition policy approaches: the classic role of regulating terms and conditions of sale, the modern role of using various tools to create largely deregulated, multi-firm, competitive markets, and the laissez-faire approach of believing that unregulated markets, even if monopolized, will produce the best outcome. For the most part, a light-handed modern role has proven successful. The FCC should adopt such an approach going forward with a classic regulatory role as a backstop, and it should articulate clearly its competition policy framework so that firms can understand the rules and compete to provide service to customers in a procompetitive manner.

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