Antitrust and Competition

Economic analysis of markets is a core part of what we do. Our research has focused on mergers, vertical integration, and global competition policy. Our experts have deep experience in competition policy.

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Aspen Panel: Political Economy of Telecom Reform

Calls for a new Telecommunications Act have been growing, with proponents citing problems with the FCC’s “siloed” structure in light of the increasing convergence of industries that compete in each other’s markets. However, similar concerns motivated the 1996 legislation. How has the political landscape changed since the 1996 Act, and can new legislation be successful? Participants on the panel, “Political Economy of Telecom Reform” at this year’s TPI Aspen Forum will discuss such questions as: what, beyond market and technological changes, is motivating calls for telecom reform now; how can the process surrounding the 1996 Act inform development of a new Act today; what interest groups are involved, what are their incentives, and how have these groups and their interests changed since 1996?

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