Event: The Future of the Internet Ecosystem in a Post-Open Internet Order World

Event: The Future of the Internet Ecosystem in a Post-Open Internet Order World

Robert Kahn Added as Luncheon Keynote

8:30 am – 3:00 pm
January 8, 2016
Holeman Lounge
National Press Club
555 13th St. NW
Washington, DC

Pre-Registration is now closed. Please join us at the event, we’ll be happy to register you onsite.

Robert E. Kahn has been added as the keynote luncheon speaker for the upcoming event, The Future of the Internet Ecosystem in a Post-Open Internet Order World. Kahn is the co-creator of TCP/IP, the fundamental communication protocols at the heart of the internet. He is currently CEO and President of the Corporation for National Research Initiatives.

Please join TPI and the University of Pennsylvania Law School’s Center for Technology, Innovation and Competition on January 8th for presentations and discussions of new studies by academic experts on the future of competition and the Internet ecosystem after the Open Internet Order. The studies will be published in special upcoming issue of the Review of Industrial Organization.

Confirmed participants include:

Timothy Brennan, Professor of Public Policy and Economics, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Michelle Connolly, Professor of the Practice, Economics, Duke University
Joseph Farrell, Professor of Economics, University of California, Berkeley
Keith Hylton, William Fairfield Warren Professor and Professor of Law, Boston University School of Law
Shane Greenstein, MBA Class of 1957 Professor of Business Administration and Co-Chair, HBS Digital Initiative, Harvard Business School
Michael Katz, Sarin Chair in Strategy and Leadership and Director, Institute for Business Innovation, University of California, Berkeley
Thomas Lenard, President and Senior Fellow, Technology Policy Institute
John Mayo, Professor of Economics, Business and Public Policy, McDonough School of Business and Executive Director, Center on Business and Public Policy, Georgetown University
Roger Noll, Professor of Economics Emeritus and Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, Stanford University
Andrea Renda, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Policy Studies
Scott Wallsten, Vice President for Research and Senior Fellow, Technology Policy Institute
Lawrence White, Robert Kavesh Professorship in Economics and Deputy Chair, Economics, Stern School of Business, New York University
Christopher Yoo, John H. Chestnut Professor of Law, Communication, and Computer & Information Science and Director, Center for Technology, Innovation & Competition, University of Pennsylvania Law School

Information on specific panels and additional speakers will be announced soon. Registration and a continental breakfast will begin at 8:30am, with the program starting at 9:00am. Questions be should directed to Ashley Benjamin at [email protected]. Members of the press should contact Amy Smorodin at [email protected].

The Technology Policy Institute

The Technology Policy Institute is a non-profit research and educational organization that focuses on the economics of innovation, technological change, and related regulation in the United States and around the world. More information is available at https://techpolicyinstitute.org/.

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