TPI Aspen Forum Opening Panel: Fall and Rise of the Regulatory State

TPI Aspen Forum Opening Panel: Fall and Rise of the Regulatory State

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Today’s policymakers, particularly in the technology space, seem to favor pre-emptive interventions consistent with the “precautionary principle” of regulation. This holds that it is better to prevent problems before they happen but eschews cost-benefit analysis when creating rules. In contrast, previous academic research documenting regulatory costs led to a loosening of regulatory regimes. What accounts for the newfound infatuation with the regulatory state? An all-star panel of academics will discuss this shift in attitudes towards the regulatory state and its possible consequences during the opening session: “Fall and Rise of the Regulatory State” at this year’s TPI Aspen Forum. Speakers for the panel are:

Robert Crandall, Adjunct Senior Fellow, Technology Policy Institute and Nonresident Senior Fellow, Economic Studies, Brookings Institution

William Kovacic, Global Competition Professor of Law and Policy; Professor of Law; Director, Competition Law Center, George Washington University Law School

Roger Noll, Professor of Economics, Emeritus, Stanford University and Co-Director, Program on Regulatory Policy and Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research

Howard Shelanski, Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget, The White House

Nancy Rose, Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Economic Analysis, Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice

Thomas Lenard (moderator), President and Senior Fellow, Technology Policy Institute

The 2015 Forum will also include panels on such topics as: Whose Rules? Internet Regulations in a Global Economy; Big Data, Privacy and the Internet of Things; Congress and the FCC after Title II; Creative Destruction in the Creative Industries: How Technology is Changing Content Business Models; and Universal Service: Towards Broadband, Efficiency and Equity.

Register now for a discounted rate for industry and trade association attendees. For additional information, please contact Jane Creel at [email protected]. Members of the press can contact Amy Smorodin at [email protected] for complimentary registration.


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