TPI Aspen Forum 2021: Virtual OR In-Person

TPI Aspen Forum 2021: Virtual OR In-Person

For those of you who can’t make it to Aspen this summer, we are making it possible to attend virtually. Virtual attendees will have access to the entire program except for the off-the-record working groups. You’ll miss the mountain views and in-person networking magic, but you’ll be able to see sessions and submit questions in real-time.

For those attending in person, we look forward to experiencing the benefits we used to take for granted that come with attending conferences. But we’re conscious of COVID risks, and we’re doing everything we can to ensure your safety. Most importantly, all attendees must be vaccinated. We will ask you to sign a form at check-in to re-confirm that you are vaccinated.

Additionally, we will:

  • Hold as much of the event outdoors as possible.
  • Require attendees to wear masks indoors in the conference spaces when not eating and drinking and expect them to follow the hotel’s rules when in indoor public spaces. 
  • Add HEPA air filters to smaller spaces.
  • Hold indoor events in large enough spaces to properly socially distance.

The St. Regis adds that it has updated its air filtration system over the past year:

  • In public and meeting spaces, its HVAC uses “maximum outside air settings of 80% to 100% depending on outside ambient air conditions” in public and meeting spaces;
  • In guestrooms, “air is provided by the corridor air handlers, which are 100% outside air. Our guestroom windows can also be opened to provide additional outside air.”

The St. Regis also notes that it has installed MERV-11 filters in the HVAC systems in public spaces. However, any filter with less than a MERV-13 rating is reportedly not effective at capturing the COVID virus. This is the reason we will be adding HEPA air filters, which apparently can block the virus, to the smaller working group rooms if we are not able to do those outdoors.

We hope to see or “see” all of you at TPI Aspen Forum 2021! Explore both options for registration and reserve your spot today: tpiaspenforum.tech/register

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