How is Washington Affecting the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem?

How is Washington Affecting the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem?

Experts Provide Answers August 20

WASHINGTON (July 15, 2019) Entrepreneurship is a key component of a vibrant economy, particularly in the technology sector. Unfortunately, while the U.S. economy overall has been thriving, the state of entrepreneurship is mixed.

On the positive side, venture capital investment in the U.S. reached a record high in 2018. But the negative side of the ledger is worrisome. The number of venture capital deals has decreased since its peak in 2015.  The share of global venture capital spending in the U.S. decreased from nearly 70 percent in 2013 to about 50 percent in 2017, while Asia’s share has surged. The rate of new firm formation in the U.S. has still not recovered from the Great Recession.

What happened?  Are there specific policy issues that can be addressed? What can Washington, D.C. do to jumpstart the entrepreneurship ecosystem?

A panel of academic and corporate experts will answer those questions at the Technology Policy Institute’s Aspen Forum on day two of the August 18-20 conference held annually at the St. Regis hotel in Aspen, Colorado.

The panel, “How is Washington Affecting the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem,” features a number of top experts on August 20 at 10:00 am MDT:

  • Gil Beyda, Managing Director at Comcast Ventures and Founder & Managing Partner at Genacast Ventures
  • Maryann Feldman, Heninger Distinguished Professor in the Department of Public Policy, University of North Carolina, Adjunct Professor of Finance at Kenan-Flagler Business School, and Research Director at UNC Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise
  • Anjney Midha, CEO & Co-Founder, Ubiquity6 Inc.
  • Dimitri Sirota, CEO & Co-Founder, BigID
  • Sarah Oh (moderator), Senior Fellow, Technology Policy Institute

Panel titles include:

Will Tech Ever Make Us More Productive?
Techlash: Why Did it Happen and How to Respond?
How is Washington Affecting the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem?
The Fractured Internet: Is It Already Too Late for Humpty Dumpty?
What is the Future of Entertainment? Streaming Innovation: New Outlets, New Threats
How Many Gs Do We Need? (And Does the U.S. Need to be First?)

Register today to discuss this and other important tech policy issues at #TPIAspen.

For Additional Information:
Jane Creel, 202-828-4405, [email protected]

Press Contact for Complimentary Registration:
David Fish, 571-389-4446, [email protected]

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