Does China Need the West? Panel at TPI Aspen 2021

Does China Need the West? Panel at TPI Aspen 2021

The U.S. and much of the West are banning and even removing high-tech equipment produced by Chinese companies, particularly Huawei and ZTE, from data networks. In addition to security, privacy, and piracy concerns, shortages of equipment and concerns about human rights abuses in China have led to manufacturers questioning their reliance on inputs from China. China, however, is an enormous and growing market, meaning companies can often achieve scale economies even without foreign markets. It is rapidly advancing technologically, rivaling or even surpassing the West in many areas of science. What are the unintended consequences of disentangling Chinese and Western economies? Is China likely to develop its own standards in areas like wireless communications, internet governance, and artificial intelligence? Is the direction of change in Chinese institutions likely to change if the West becomes relatively less important there? If so, what would the implications be for the world?

  • David Gross, Partner, Wiley Rein
  • Xiaomeng Lu, Senior Analyst, Geotechnology, Eurasia Group
  • Samm Sacks, Cybersecurity Policy and China Digital Economy Fellow, New America
  • Lixin Colin Xu, Lead Economist, Development Research Group, The World Bank

We will discuss this and more at TPI Aspen Forum, and we will get to do it outside of our own homes!* Register now to reserve your spot.

*Safety and security of an in-person forum will be reassessed June 1.

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