Aspen Forum Panel- The Fractured Internet: Is It Too Late for Humpty Dumpty?

Aspen Forum Panel- The Fractured Internet: Is It Too Late for Humpty Dumpty?

Once upon a time, the Internet operated more or less under the same rules everywhere around the globe. In principle, anyone, anywhere in the world, with access to the World Wide Web, could access the same content in the same way. That is no longer true. Internet balkanization, or the “Splinternet,” that many warned about for years is now becoming the status quo. Differing rules around the world regarding privacy and hate speech, law enforcement, China’s Great Firewall, copyright and other IP protection, and individual countries’ particular views on how they should be able to govern the Internet inside their borders means that, as a practical matter, we may no longer have a single Internet, but many Internets operating under different rules, with those connected unable to access certain content available elsewhere.

This panel will examine where we are regarding this fundamental transition of the Internet, how the outcome so many fear is coming to pass, whether there is any way to put the pieces back together, and whether we even want to.

Confirmed panelists include:

  • Fiona Alexander, Associate Administrator, International Affairs, National Telecommunications and Information Administration
  • Rudolf Gridl, Head of Internet Governance and International Digital Dialogue, German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy
  • Masahiko Nittono, General Manager, Nippon Telegraph & Telephone
  • Samm Sachs, Cybersecurity Policy Fellow and China Digital Economy Fellow, New America
  • Ambassador David Gross (moderator), Partner, Wiley Rein LLP

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