Aspen Forum: Spectrum: Will Dynamic Allocation Disrupt Business Models or is it Still a Chimera?

Aspen Forum: Spectrum: Will Dynamic Allocation Disrupt Business Models or is it Still a Chimera?

2018 Aspen Forum August 19 – 21

For years, some have advocated for a system that dynamically assigns users exclusive spectrum use as they need it. In principle, such a system would make it possible to use spectrum more efficiently. Others argue that evidence from the TV white spaces, which is supposed to use similar technologies, shows that this approach is unlikely to be successful. The so-called Citizens Broadband Radio Service in the 3.5 GHz band is on track to use this dynamic approach. What challenges must be overcome to make success more likely? How will we define success? How does dynamic allocation compare to other alternatives, such as auctioning overlay licenses. This working group will debate the wisdom of the CBRS plan, how it is likely to play out, and where else the approach might be used.

​Participants included:

  • Michelle Connolly, Professor of the Practice, Duke University
  • David Don, Vice President, Regulatory Policy, Comcast
  • Kathleen Ham, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, T-Mobile
  • Tom Hazlett, H.H. Macaulay Endowed Chair in Economics, Clemson University
  • Evan Kwerel, Senior Economic Advisor, Federal Communications Commission
  • William Lehr, Economist and Industry Consultant, Research Associate, Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT
  • Michael Purdy, Senior Counsel, Google
  • Scott Wallsten (moderator), President and Senior Fellow, Technology Policy Institute

The debate starts at #TPIAspen18. Be part of it.

For Additional Information:
Jane Creel, 202-828-4405, [email protected]

Press Contact for Complimentary Registration:
Chris McGurn, 202-828-4405, [email protected]

The Technology Policy Institute

The Technology Policy Institute is a non-profit research and educational organization that focuses on the economics of innovation, technological change, and related regulation in the United States and around the world. More information is available at https://techpolicyinstitute.org/

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