FinTech in the Biden Administration

FinTech in the Biden Administration

One of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s first announcements expressed concerns about cryptocurrencies. Her comments suggest that the Biden Administration is poised to take cryptocurrency, and fintech more generally, seriously. In this discussion, panelists shared their views on fintech policy priorities. They discussed overarching principles policymakers should consider in digital payments as well as specific issues including FinCEN’s rulemaking proceeding on unhosted wallets, regulatory issues that new leadership at the SEC and CFTC may face, new legislative activity in Congress on fintech policy, and increasing attention on crypto from central bank leadership at the Federal Reserve and ECB.
Panelists included:
Amy Davine Kim, Chief Policy Officer, Chamber of Digital Commerce
Daniel Gorfine, Founder and CEO, Gattaca Horizons LLC
Sarah Oh, Senior Fellow, Technology Policy Institute
Landon Zinda, Legislative Director, Congressman Tom Emmer (MN-06)
Scott Wallsten (moderator), President and Senior Fellow, Technology Policy Institute

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