Where are E-Rate dollars going? Introducing E-Rate Intelligence

Where are E-Rate dollars going? Introducing E-Rate Intelligence

WASHINGTON (June 3, 2021) The FCC’s E-Rate program can provide up to about 4 billion dollars each year to help schools and libraries pay for internet access. But who spends that money, what services do they spend it on, and which vendors provide those services? Enter the experts at the Technology Policy Institute, who have launched E-Rate Intelligence Reports to answer these questions. Each report shows detailed E-Rate spending by schools and congressional districts, including how much is spent on specific services and from specific vendors. The best part: all of this information is in one place, in an easy-to-read format, and always up-to-date, at tpireports.com E-Rate Intelligence Reports are a one-stop shop for information on every school, school district, library, library system, and consortium that has received federal educational technology funds over the last twenty years. The Reports also include Broadband Reports with baseline statistics on broadband access and availability from broadband mapping datasets. E-Rate Intelligence Reports are the first of several data products from TPI’s Total Broadband Dashboard Initiative, a multi-year effort to build web tools and analytic capabilities to handle new broadband maps and glean insights for policymakers, school administrators, and broadband providers.

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