Introducing TPI Shorts: Asking the Key Economics Questions on Current Technology Policy and Issues

Introducing TPI Shorts: Asking the Key Economics Questions on Current Technology Policy and Issues

The Technology Policy Institute is excited to introduce TPI Shorts, a new resource for policymakers, analysts, and other parties who need to quickly digest and understand an economic framework for proposed legislation and regulation or other debates that may affect the digital economy. Each TPI Short contains two elements: Economic Questions, and a brief summary of the proposed law, rule, or issue.

Economic Questions, written by Senior Fellows at TPI, provides some of the key questions necessary for building a framework for analysis that considers economic impacts, how to think about relevant costs and benefits, and how existing rules and regulations relate to the topic.

TPI Shorts topics explore Congressional legislation, proposed regulations at the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission, and other relevant digital policy issues. Shorts cover a range of categories:

  • Blockchain and Crypto
  • Broadband
  • Privacy
  • Spectrum
  • eSports and Gaming

New Shorts are released every Tuesday, on the TPI Shorts website, and through TPI’s main Twitter account (@techpolicyinst) and LinkedIn Page (Technology Policy Institute). Sign up on the TPI Shorts website to have Shorts sent directly to your inbox, or subscribe to TPI’s monthly newsletter for a roundup of what is happening at TPI, from Shorts to events, podcasts, blogs, and more.

Contact: Lindsay Poss, lposs@techpolicyinstitute.org

The Technology Policy Institute

The Technology Policy Institute is a non-profit research and educational organization that focuses on the economics of innovation, technological change, and related regulation in the United States and around the world. More information is available at www.techpolicyinstitute.org/.

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