Former FTC Chairman William Kovacic Talks Antitrust on TPI Podcast Two Think Minimum

Former FTC Chairman William Kovacic Talks Antitrust on TPI Podcast Two Think Minimum

WASHINGTON (September 19) Tune in to the latest edition of Two Think Minimum-the Technology Policy Institute’s award-winning economics and policy podcast-for a timely national policy discussion on antitrust enforcement and related matters.

The featured guest is William Kovacic, former chairman, commissioner and general counsel at the Federal Trade Commission.

Recorded on September 11, the podcast discussion with Kovacic anticipates many of the antitrust enforcement and related issues raised during this week’s U.S. Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing. Like many senators at the hearing, Kovacic questions how federal authorities’ approach their enforcement and other duties, offering strong critiques and historical perspective.

Kovacic, who is currently a professor at George Washington Law School, is interviewed by TPI President Scott Wallsten and President Emeritus Thomas Lenard.

You can listen to other episodes on TPI’s blog and on Soundcloud, Blubrry, Spotify, Google Play Music, and iTunes.


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