TPI Antitrust Articles Published in the Review of Industrial Organization

TPI Antitrust Articles Published in the Review of Industrial Organization

Final Papers and Responses from Antitrust Conference Now Available

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July 22, 2011 – Revised articles from the recent TPI conference, “Antitrust and the Dynamics of Competition in High-Tech Industries,” have now been published as a special issue of the “Review of Industrial Organization.” The issue (Volume 38, Number 4) also includes an introduction by Technology Policy Institute President Thomas Lenard. The papers in the journal are:

  • Introduction: Antitrust and the Dynamics of Competition in High-Tech Industries, by Thomas M. Lenard
  • Antitrust in High-Tech Industries, by Robert W. Crandall & Charles L. Jackson
  • Antitrust and Vertical Integration in “New Economy” Industries with Application to Broadband Access, by Bruce M. Owen
  • Does Antitrust Enforcement in High Tech Markets Benefit Consumers? Stock Price Evidence from FTC v. Intel, by Joshua D. Wright
  • Cloud Computing: Architectural and Policy Implications, by Christopher S. Yoo
  • “High-Tech” Antitrust: Incoherent, Misguided, Obsolete, or None of the Above? Comments on Crandall-Jackson and Wright, by Timothy J. Brennan
  • Discussion of Papers by Bruce Owen and Christopher Yoo, by Michael Salinger

Abstracts of the articles, in addition to the full issue of the Review of Industrial Organization, are available on the Springer website. Pre-publication versions of the papers are also available on the TPI website.


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