Who is Responsible for This? A TPI Podcast Series on Section 230

Who is Responsible for This? A TPI Podcast Series on Section 230

The confluence of a looming election, concerns about misinformation, fears of being excluded from popular platforms, a presidential executive order, and proposals for new legislation have provoked a hornets’ nest around Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which limits the civil liability of online intermediaries for what is posted on their properties.

In a series of podcast episodes, fellows at TPI will interview leading scholars of Section 230 to unpack the legal and economic questions facing policymakers today.

We will discuss the history of the statute, legislative proposals, politics, and administrative actions related to Section 230. The President’s executive order on Section 230 calls for government review of technology activities directed through a host of federal agencies including NTIA, FCC, OMB, DOJ, and FTC. Has the policy landscape changed or is this political theater? What’s ahead in the Section 230 policy debates?
Stay tuned for episodes with new guests to the podcast, Two Think Minimum!

You can listen to other episodes on TPI’s blog and on SoundcloudBlubrrySpotifyGoogle Play Music, and iTunes.

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