2021 Aspen Forum Roundup

2021 Aspen Forum Roundup

Each year, TPI’s Aspen Forum brings together experts across industry, academia, and government to discuss tech policy and regulation. After going virtual in 2020, the forum returned to Aspen this past August. This year’s forum covered tech policy’s most pressing issues, including broadband, antitrust reform, cybersecurity, the government’s role in promoting research & development, and more.

If you missed this year’s event, or want to relive it, never fear! The TPI staff has combed through each panel, isolating three key takeaways from every discussion. Those takeaways, along with corresponding clips from our speakers, can be found in our Forum Roundup, and full videos of each panel are available on YouTube.

Keep up with TPI’s latest work by following us on Twitter, and be sure to clear your calendars and join us in Aspen on August 14th for next year’s forum!

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