Introducing ChatTPI

Introducing ChatTPI

The Technology Policy Institute (TPI) is thrilled to introduce ChatTPI.org, a generative AI tool that provides a new way for users to interact with our library of over a decade of economic research papers, event transcripts, podcast transcripts, law review articles, commentary, and more. Talk directly with our research papers by asking ChatTPI questions and get answers from our trusted sources. ChatTPI improves the way people engage with our multifaceted content and can help advance our general understanding of tech policy.

We note a few disclaimers as with any new generative AI tool. Please forgive the loading time, it may be slow to provide answers in this beta version. As with most other generative AI tools, it may provide answers that do not directly reflect the views of anyone at TPI, rather it has ‘created’ answers based on all the materials in our library. Currently, it does not connect to the general Internet for answers, but gives answers based solely on TPI’s curated source materials. It provides citations to the sources it has based its answers. Please read those original sources for more detail about any answers. We are also continuously adding content to the source material, so if the chatbot says it has no information about something that you know we have, let us know.

We are adding source materials to ChatTPI.org each day, so please connect with us if you are interested in suggesting materials. 

Here are some possible queries to get you started!

  • What are the latest developments in broadband mapping?
  • How should the Universal Service Fund be reformed?
  • What should the national spectrum strategy be?
  • How do you measure the value of digital privacy?
  • What is the attention economy?
  • Should non-compete clauses be prohibited?
  • How much pirated content do Americans watch?
  • Is bitcoin a commodity or a security?
  • Is content moderation impossible? 

Visit ChatTPI.org and ask your most pressing tech policy questions! 

If you are interested in a similar chatbot for your organization’s content, let us know!

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