Ten Tech Principles for the Biden Administration

Ten Tech Principles for the Biden Administration

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Evidence-Based Policy

  1. Make evidence-based policy the touchstone of all policy initiatives. “Show me the evidence” should be a mantra recited for every policy proposal. Evidence should consist of rigorous empirical or other real-world analyses, not untested theories or models


2. Tackle the digital divide through data-driven approaches and rigorous evaluation of what works and what doesn’t.

3. Continue incorporating demand, in addition to supply, into policy decisions

4. Do not treat broadband policy as a public utility, as that is likely to slow investment and innovation and increase prices. Similarly, rethink positions on net neutrality, particularly with respect to paid prioritization or “fast lanes”, which may be useful for socially productive services such as telemedicine and education.

5. Build on progress employing market-based mechanisms for allocating spectrum. Do not allow DoD or other agencies to control spectrum policy.

Innovation and Global Linkages

6. Encourage the free movement of people to promote productivity and innovation.

7. Encourage the free flow of information to promote U.S. innovation and technology leadership.

Antitrust and Competition

8. Reinforce and strengthen the consumer welfare standard as the U.S. approach to antitrust

Regulatory Reform

9. Make permanent and expand regulatory changes enacted during COVID-19 that lowers barriers to entry and help consumers, especially in telehealth

10. Be cognizant of policy inconsistencies and seriously consider how to address them. More broadly, understand the tradeoffs inherent in many policy decisions.

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