The Future of Privacy Online

From blogs to Facebook profiles to Twitter messages, individuals are increasingly choosing to share information about themselves online. More personal information online brings both risks and rewards. How are companies using this digital information and how do consumers benefits from increased data sharing? Perhaps more importantly, do consumers have enough control over their personal information or is there a need for government regulators to step in?

Join the Technology Policy Institute and the Information Technology and Innovation for a wide-ranging discussion on online privacy issues and the current privacy legislation before Congress.

Questions should be directed to Ashley Creel at [email protected]. Members of the press should contact Amy Smorodin at [email protected].

Robert D. Atkinson, President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Daniel Castro, Senior Analyst, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Mark Eichorn, Assistant Director, Federal Trade Commission
Fernando Laguarda, Vice President, Time Warner Cable
Thomas Lenard, President and Senior Fellow, Technology Policy Institute
Tim Sparapini, Director of Public Policy, Facebook
Daniel J. Weitzner, Associate Administrator for the Office of Policy Analysis and Development, National Telecommunications and Information Administration

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