Music Licensing – Proposals for Reform

While the popularity of streaming services is continuing to rise, the music licensing regime is becoming increasingly outdated and harmful to industry participants and consumers. In an attempt to address these problems, Congress is considering four major pieces of licensing reform legislation-the largest such package in many years.

TPI’s music licensing conference will discuss current issues in music use, legislative proposals to reform a broken system and forge a way forward that will bring clarity and equity to a licensing framework that currently is neither.

Following introductory remarks by Congressman Doug Collins, one of the lead sponsors of the Music Modernization Act, a panel of industry experts will discuss these issues. Panelists include:

Chris Harrison, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Media Association (DiMA)
David M. Israelite, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA)
Panos A. Panay, Vice President, Innovation and Strategy, Berklee College of Music
Bill Rosenblatt, Founder, GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies
Thomas Lenard (moderator), Senior Fellow and President Emeritus, Technology Policy Institute

Video of this event is available here, also check out past events on our YouTube channel.

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