Global Connections in an Era of Skepticism

Hosted by the Progressive Policy Institute & Technology Policy Institute

Many Americans have grown skeptical of the benefits of participating in the global economy. Yet for good reason, they do not embrace economic isolation and protectionism.

Please join the Progressive Policy Institute and Technology Policy Institute for a bipartisan discussion on Capitol Hill exploring why it is vital to turn the current debate on the costs and benefits of trade—which too often connotes only tangible products crossing borders—into a broader discussion about the necessity of global connections in a modern, high-tech economy. Global connections go beyond the conventional analysis of exports and imports, and include the impact of data flows, foreign investment, knowledge, and other intangibles that can stimulate growth and create jobs locally.

The event will feature keynote addresses by two Members of Congress, one from each side of the aisle, on the importance of global connections. Dr. Michael Mandel of PPI will examine the evidence linking global connections and economic growth, and explain why thinking of the global economy in terms of exports and imports is simply wrong.

Following the keynotes, a panel of experts will discuss how data flows and other tangible and intangible global connections can work together to benefit companies, industries, and workers and how these connections can promote prosperity. The event will highlight how the new political landscape is likely to affect these issues moving forward and discuss policies that could help more Americans benefit from the connected global economy.

Keynote Speakers:

The Honorable Suzan DelBene (D-WA)

The Honorable Edward Royce (R-CA), Chairman, U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs


Dr. Michael Mandel, Chief Economic Strategist, PPI


Ed Gerwin, Senior Fellow, PPI

J. Bradford Jensen, Professor, McDonough School at Georgetown University

Nancy McLernon, President & CEO, Organization for International Investment

Scott Wallsten, President & Senior Fellow, TPI

Event and Press Contacts:
Amy Smorodin, 202-828-4405, [email protected]
Cody Tucker, 202-525-3926, [email protected]

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