Broadband, Economic Growth, and the Financial Crisis: Informing the Stimulus Package

How best to include broadband in an economic stimulus package depends, in part, on understanding two critical issues: how broadband affects economic growth, and how the credit crisis has affected broadband investment. In particular, one might favor aggressive government intervention if broadband stimulates growth and investment is now lagging. Alternatively, money might be better spent elsewhere if the effects on growth are smaller than commonly believed or private investment is continuing despite the crisis.

This Congressional Seminar will feature the latest academic research on the links between broadband and economic growth as well as analyst and industry perspectives on how the financial crisis has affected broadband investment.

Scott J. Wallsten (moderator), Senior Fellow and Vice President for Research, Technology Policy Institute
James Assey, Executive Vice President for the National Cable & Telecommunications Association
Robert Crandall, Senior Fellow in Economic Studies, The Brookings Institution
Shane Greenstein, Elinor and Wendell Hobbs Professor of Management and Strategy at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Chris King, Principal/Senior Telecom Services Analyst, Stifel Nicolaus Telecom Equity Research

Christoph Steck, Director of Public Policy, Telefónica

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