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Aspen Panel Sneak Peek: Policy Issues in Blockchain Breakout Session


Join us in Aspen August 19 – 21.

Blockchain and bitcoin are part hype and part real potential, and they are not going away any time soon. What policy issues are important for creators of this new technology and those who have invested several billion dollars in it? This working group will focus on potential areas of interest for policymakers: the current state of new applications and digital ecosystems, consumer protection concerns, and energy costs.

Participants Include:

  • David Andolfatto, Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
  • Daniel Gorfine, Director and Chief Innovation Officer, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission
  • Lisa Goldman, Counsel, Digital Commerce & Consumer Protection Subcommittee, House Energy & Commerce Committee
  • Steve Hopkins, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, Medici Ventures
  • Umair Javed, Legal Advisor, Wireless and International, Office of FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel
  • David Mills, Deputy Associate Director, Reserve Bank Operations and Payment Systems, Federal Reserve Bank
  • Neha Narula, Director, Digital Currency Initiative, MIT Media Lab
  • Mark O’Riley, Office of the General Counsel, Government and Regulatory Affairs, Emerging Technology Policy, IBM
  • Sarah Oh (moderator), Research Fellow, Technology Policy Institute

Join us in Aspen August 19 – 21 to take part in this and all of our tech policy conversations.

The debate starts at #TPIAspen18. Be part of it.

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