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Artificial Intelligence in 13 Minutes


Latest in “TPI Shorts” Video Series Explains What You Need to Know About AI

April 7, 2017 – “Artificial Intelligence in 13 minutes,” a primer on artificial intelligence and machine learning, is now available on TPI’s YouTube channel.

The video includes leading experts, who define AI and machine learning, explain why the use of AI is accelerating, discuss some of the challenges the technology faces in being broadly accepted, and explore the social implications, such as the possible uneven distribution of benefits.

AI in 13 Minutes is the latest installment in the “TPI Shorts” video series, which condenses TPI events into short, coherent discussions of key policy issues.

This video, the full video of the event “Artificial Intelligence: The Economic and Policy Implications,” and other videos from TPI are available on the TPI YouTube channel.

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