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TPI Aspen Forum: AI and Automation: A Jobless Future?


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Automation and the use of artificial intelligence could be a productivity driver, allowing companies to improve products and make better decisions based on new ways to process and analyze information. Some fear, however, that AI and automation could kill jobs or that only a small, elite, segment of the economy will benefit. What does the future hold for AI, and what does that mean for the workforce and the economy? TPI has gathered a panel of experts for “AI and Automation: A Jobless Future? 🙂, 🙁, or 🙄” at the Technology Policy Institute’s Aspen Forum.

Participants in the panel, to be moderated by TPI President Scott Wallsten, are:

Diane Bailey, Associate Professor, School of Information, University of Texas at Austin

James Bessen, Lecturer in Law, Boston University School of Law and Director and Founder, Research on Innovation

Ewe Kamar, Researcher, Adaptive Systems and Interaction Group, Microsoft Research

Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google and Professor Emeritus, Haas School of Business and Department of Economics, University of California at Berkeley

The Forum is scheduled for August 20-22 at the St. Regis Aspen Resort in Aspen, Colorado. Reduced registration fees are available until July 1. Register here on the Aspen Forum website.

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