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Scott Wallsten and Amy Smorodin From Anthony Wiener’s wiener to the FCC’s brave stand on Americans’ shameful inability to turn down the damn volume by themselves, 2011 has been a…
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The existing high-cost fund suffers from two inherent flaws: it does not incorporate how much consumers value the services being subsidized, and does not measure the incremental, rather than average, effects of the program. This paper proposes a way to incorporate those factors into the Connect America Fund�the proposed high-cost broadband support program�to enable it to operate more efficiently than the existing high-cost program ever could.

I’m working on a case study of broadband in Japan. In the process I’ve translated the spectrum map for 335MHz-2.2GHz into English. Because I have not seen this in English…
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Gregory Rosston of Stanford University and Scott Wallsten of the Technology Policy Institute argue that the switch from voice to broadband services provides a rare opportunity to reform universal service programs. Rossten and Wallsten offer an alternative design to deliver services in an efficient and politically-palatable manner.