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Broadband, Economic Growth, and the Financial Crisis: Informing the Stimulus Package

How best to include broadband in an economic stimulus package depends, in part, on understanding two critical issues: how broadband affects economic growth, and how the credit crisis has affected broadband investment. In particular, one might favor aggressive government intervention if broadband stimulates growth and investment is now lagging. Alternatively, money might be better spent elsewhere if the effects on growth are smaller than commonly believed or private investment is continuing despite the crisis.

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New Publications of Note

The Technology Policy Institute has posted three new Publications of Note by outside authors on subjects of interest to our audience:

  • Tim Brennan, ‘Night of the Living Dead’ or ‘Back to the Future’? Electric Utility Decoupling, Reviving Rate-of-Return Regulation, and Energy Efficiency
  • Bronwyn Howell, The End or the Means? The Pursuit of Competition in Regulated Telecommunications Markets
  • Andrea Renda, I own the pipes, you call the tune: The net neutrality debate and its (ir)relevance for Europe
Press Releases

RTOs Failed to Reduce Wholesale Power Costs

Washington, D.C.-Regional transmission organizations have not produced lower wholesale prices for electricity and the states in these RTOs have higher average prices than regulated states, according to a study released today by the Technology Policy Institute, a Washington-based think tank.

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