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ADD and the FCC

The deadline for comments regarding the Comcast/NBCU merger has come and gone, resulting in over 10,000 filings from a wide…

Farewell to Limewire?

Last week, a federal court found Limewire guilty of intentionally inducing widespread copyright infringement.   Some reports claim the Limewire suit…
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2009 IGF Workshop on Net Neutrality

The workshop discussed the accuracy of a very term of Network Neutrality in opposition to a term of Open Internet. It further discussed economics and engineering aspects of networks and how network management regulation might affect those investments. It also discussed the end-user perspective, need for transparency and a freedom of choice. As a cross-cutting issue, the implications to the digital divide and development were examined. Needs for policy and regulatory approaches towards network management were questioned and discussed, including analysing several experiences on national levels.

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